Band Announcement : Sacred Reich

Saturday 22nd of July: authors of masterpieces like “Ignorance”, “The American Way” and the EP “Surf Nicaragua”, Sacred Reich will be at Colony Open Air 2017 in all their irriverence !

Band Announcement : Toxik

We are so happy to be able to add another fantastic band on Saturday the 22nd of July : Toxik will be on stage !!!!!

Band Announcement : Marduk

We’re glad to announce that, Sunday the 23rd of July, from Sweden, Marduk !!!!!!

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Band Announcement : Kreator

From Germany, Saturday 22nd July, on stage : KREATOR!!!!!!!

Band Announcement : Wintersun

Saturday 22nd July, from Finland : Wintersun!!!!!

Band Announcement : Exciter

From Canada, born in 1980, one of the most important band in speed metal. We’re happy to announce, Saturday 22nd July, Exciter !!!!!

Band Announcement : Nordjevel

Sunday 23 July .. from Norway, Nordjevel !


Band Announcement : Beheaded

From Malta, ladies and gentlemen .. on stage Sunday 23 July : Beheaded!!!!!

Band Announcement : Absu

From the USA, ABSU !!!!! Sunday 23 July ! Save the date !